Canucks Win over Sharks 3-2

Vancouver Canucks win over Sharks for 3-2 last night in NHL Western Final. They are one step aways to win a Stanley Cup Final. Last Night is quite a exciting and Dirty Game for Vancouver Canucks. I thought they will not win last night since they are 2-1. I felt depress last night about when they are 2-1. However, they (Vancouver Canucks) not disappointed me. They win over sharks from 2-1 to 2-3. The last shot is take in the final 10 minutes. I was yelling in front of the tv with my friend.


Canucks Wins Sharks 5-3

What a great victory! Vancouver Canucks wins yeah.

let’s have some Shark Sushi tonight with some beer please yeah.

Blog picture or Icon on

The first things I am going to do is changing my new Blog picture or Icon. As a Vancouver Canucks Fans, I am going to post a hot girl who wearing a Vancouver Canucks shirt. Hope you guys like it. There are some few hot picture in Vancouver you can take a look and see who is the hottest. By the way the Vancouver Canucks is 4-2 on Sharks so far. I am still watching the Game.